Music Composer Creates Short Song Using Sounds Made by BMWs

It’s definitely not the first time somebody noticed that the sounds a car makes car be used for a symphony but it might very well be the first time someone used BMW cars alone to create a song. The ‘perpetrator’ with this unique idea is Timothy Fairless, a Brisbane-based composer and multi-intrumentalist that processes acoustic, electronic and environmental sources to create... music!
Timothy Fairless 1 photo
Last September he joined forces with the Gold Coast agency Zakazukha Marketing Communications and created a commercial for Motorline BMW, a dealership in Daisy Hill, Queensland, Australia.

In the process he needed three Bimmers that were offered by the dealership in a heartbeat when they heard about our good man’s plans. The cars used were a BMW 428i Coupe, an F10 520d Sedan and an F15 X5 xDrive30d.

As you’re about to see in the video below, Tim took his time to record every sound with maximum precision. The 1:20 sample was created using the 4 Series’s door slam, close or seat belt adjustment sound for example or the sound the voice control system inside the 5 Series makes for voice samples.

The X5, on the other hand, provided the engine start sound, the tailgate close and seat belt warning chime to the mix and the end result is really impressive. If you like it you can actually download the thing for free here.


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