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Multiplier, the Parking Lot on Wheels

Multiplier conceptMultiplier concept
Parking spots, or should we say the lack of it, is one of the main plaques that cripple modern cities all over the world. Together with congestion problems, the lack of parking spaces is one of the issues automotive players are trying to solve, whether it is by means of say car sharing programs or automated parking systems.

Design student Julien Bilodeau however proposes a different solution: the Multiplier concept, a temporary and expandable parking structure system which can move, on its own, to wherever it is needed.

Bilodeau says he created the Multiplier with the city of Los Angeles in mind, as this metropolis is at the center of the social and sports life. Because, as you might have guessed, the concept is not meant to be a parking solution for residential areas, but one for special events, like concerts and sporting events.

The parking system is to work in conjunction with a tractor head, which will transport it to the desired location. Once there, it expands, with the modular trailers able to link to one another and form a stacked superstructure to be used as a parking. The structure rests on supports coming from the corners of the vehicle.

“In essence, the Multiplier project is a parking structure on wheels, a network composed of many identical vehicles, which through their individual modularity and mobility, allow for an expansive parking system with no fixed limit on horizontal size,” explains Bilodeau.

“By transporting the individual vehicles to an open area such as a multipurpose field or single-level parking lot, a trailer network takes shape by connecting the individual trailers together, vertically doubling the parking area on which the system is based.”

The parking's trailers are similar in size to conventional semi-trailers, with wheels and tractors available for each one. Morphing the vehicle from its road-friendly approach to its stable stance is said to take a few hours.

Meant as a means to solve parking issues, the Multiplier is also as eco as it gets. Bilodeau created it as a vehicle made of aluminum and carbon fiber components, as well as recyclable materials.


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