Motorcycle Casualties Down Almost 15% in France

French statistics show less killed riders 4 photos
French statistics show less killed ridersFrench statistics show less killed ridersFrench statistics show less killed riders
So it s possible to reduce the number of deaths on the streets of a country... at least this is the story the figures released by the French Statistics services tell us. And having "motorcycles" and "good news" in the same positive sentence is truly great, when it comes to France.

The number of motorcycle accidents in 2012 has dropped 14.5% but still, these casualties make up for 18% of the total, despite representing a mere 1.9% of all vehicles in traffic. In 2010, 947 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents in France, while 2012 showed an all time low record of only 650.

Still, the age group with the highest risk is 25-44, which is also one of the base pools of motorcycle riders, so things make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, 31.6% of all casualties in France during 2012 involved drivers and riders under influence or drunk, and the figures are on a slightly rising trend.

French police plans to send even more radars on the streets, but we can't claims their presence as the main trigger of the lower number of casualties. However, one thing is clear: the silly breathalyzer and hi-viz clothing couldn't have contributed to this; au contraire, all they could do is piss people off even more. So it looks like things can be don in France without dumb laws, cant they?


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