Mother’s Quick Thinking And a Carseat Save Toddler During Carjacking

One woman from Southaven, Mississippi has had her car stolen right in the parking lot outside her home, but she’s thankful that she managed to prevent the car thief from taking it with her son inside.
Thief takes Honda Accord, mother manages to rip carseat with child inside before he does 12 photos
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She has the makers of her baby’s carseat to thank, too, she says in an interview with WREG. It all happened outside the Legacy at Church Lake Apartments on Church Road, in the parking lot, as she was getting ready to head out.

The woman, who chose to remain unidentified, was strapping her 19-month son into his carseat. She recalls feeling a strange “presence” behind her, before someone came up from behind and snatched her purse.

She says the thief then ran over to the other side of her Honda Accord, got into the driver seat and was getting ready to speed off. The woman understood what was about to happen: if she didn’t act right away, her son would be taken with the car, because she had already managed to strap him in.

So she did what she could: she held on to the carseat with her all strength.

“I put him in his seat and I'm locking his left arm in and the guy just grabbed my purse,” the woman says. “It was just my adrenaline. It just kicked in and the whole seat just came out.”

The police arrived within minutes and found her still in the parking lot, with the carseat on the ground and her baby safe. They also recovered the car, as the thief crashed it farther down the road into a post and then fled on foot.

The Honda has sustained considerable damage (“It flipped,” the woman says), but that’s not what upsets her the most, but rather the fact that the thief still has her purse with her keys and her ID.

“Which signifies to me that they're coming back. They know who I am, they've watched me for so long and they're coming back,” she tells the media outlet.

The manager of the complex has offered to change her locks free of charge or even to move her to another unit, for her safety. She feels that this is not enough and is asking to be let out of her lease. Meanwhile, police have no one in custody yet.


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