Mindless Pedestrian Causes Nasty Bike Crash

Mindless pedestrian plus speeding bike equals bang! 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
Some guys are so absent-minded that they sometimes seem to forget to take even the most basic of safety precautions. Being that ignorant when crossing a busy street is definitely one of the shortest, safest way for a long stay in the hospital and a long, painful recovery. Too bad, that when motorcycles are involved in this, it’s also a terribly bad day for the rider, as well.
The crash in the video after the jump might have been avoided if both the pedestrian and the rider would have both heeded the road regulations. For starters, the pedestrian had no reason to be there in the first place. Even though the car line was stopped, crossing the street in such a place was both illegal and utterly risky, but it looks like he learned this lesson the hard way.

Now, even though the jaywalker bears the biggest part of blame for this crash, the rider is at fault, too. He was passing the bus on the right side and I’d also say he was over the city speed limit, as well. While the pedestrian saw the bus and assumed it was far enough to allow safe passage, there was absolutely no way he could see the speeding bike (or scooter) approaching from behind it. And since the speed of the two-wheeler was way higher than that of the bus, the outcome is no surprise.

Nice to see that the Kia driver appears to be calling the emergency number for help instead of taking pictures of the aftermath. Still, this is yet another bad crash which could have been avoided so easily. I thought that the “stop, look, listen” routine we were taught in the kindergarten was something that’s not easily forgotten, but this video proves me wrong.

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