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Michelin Launched Pilot Sport 3

Drivers in need of some serious grip should know that Michelin launched its Pilot Sport 3, which will replace the current Pilot Exalto and Pilot Sport 2 ranges. The new model is supposed to combine on-road performance with environmental features.

According to Michelin, “the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 delivers high levels of grip. On wet surfaces, it holds the road better when cornering and stops three meters shorter than its predecessor, the reigning benchmark sports tire. In addition, the new tire provides very precise steering for an enjoyable driving experience.”

“That’s why Michelin can say that its new high-performance tire delivers “enhanced driving sensations”. What’s more, unlike any other sports tire, it also boasts outstanding fuel efficiency and extended mileage among its dynamic qualities.”

“Intended for a wide variety of vehicle categories, the Pilot Sport 3 is suitable for sporty hatchbacks and large, powerful saloons as well as small sports cars, such as roadsters and coupes, with the large 18 to 19-inch sizes serving as optional equipment on non-sporting models. In automotive industry terms, the tire will cover every vehicle segment from class A to E1,”
Michelin added.

The new tire will be introduce in South America, Europe, Africa, the Pacific and Asia in 2010, and in North America next year. The tire has already been approved by car manufacturers to be used on some of their models, like the A5 or the E 63 AMG.

Michelin says that this tire is the embodiment of its commitment to high performance. Pilot Sport 3 is built using highly advanced technologies, such as the Green Power Compound, the Anti Surf System and Programmed Distortion tire architecture, all developed at Michelin’s Technology Center.


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