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Matte Purple Mercedes SLK 350 in Dubai

What is it with Mercedes cars and the color purple. Only yesterday, we showed you a C63 AMG sedan that hand been pimped out using some chrome purple vinyl and today we stumbled upon this sexy little toy car in Dubai.
Matte Purple Mercedes SLK 350 1 photo
It's an SLK belonging to the previous generation, probably no older than 2010. It's very fresh and in mint condition, but the part we're interested in is the matte purple stuff covering it. Why would you do that to a car like this? It's highly unlikely that this F1-inspired little roadster belongs to a girl, so why then would you go for a pastel color?

There's nothing bad we can say about the execution of the warp, despite the intricate design of the SLK's roof. The wheel could have been a little bit bigger though.

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