M2 Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicle Gets New XM813 30mm Cannon

The Bradley is an infantry fighting vehicle that has served US army troops through many serious battle and skirmishes, having been in use since the 80s. It's mobile, fast and protects six soldiers from mines and small arms fire.
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But what happens when things really get sticky? The 20-ton machine can provide additional firepower from its M242 chain gun or the secondary 7.62mm M240C secondary machine gun. This combo has been used for many years, but is about to get a serious upgrade.

During the 2014 United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition a defense contractor revealed a new turret system for the Bradley. At its core is the XM813, which is a larger 30mm cannon and has been linked to a remote weapon station (RWS).

What's the difference? Well, the first one is that there's no longer a man in the turret. The aiming is all done by remote control using advanced and very accurate optics. The highest point on a vehicle is usually the first one struck in battle, so by removing the man from up top, the new system affectionately takes him out of harm's way. The 30mm round is also much heavier and means the M2 Bradley can go from being used as a suppression tool to a killer.

The XM813 has an auto loader and uses linkless rounds. An air burst function is also being tested that can deal with enemies that have frontal cover but are out in the open or for deforestation. When will the M2 have the new 30-mill? It's still a prototype, but according to Amry Reco, there's full endorsement from top brass.

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