Luxury Skyscraper Allows Residents to Park Their Car Inside the Apartment

Hamilton Scotts parking lots inside the apartment 7 photos
Hamilton ScottsHamilton ScottsHamilton ScottsHamilton ScottsHamilton ScottsHamilton Scotts
In Singapore there’s a well-heeled skyscraper residence where people can opt for an individual two-car garage located right inside each apartment. Not only will you jump from your car straight to that comfy sofa, but you’ll be able to watch you beauty right through a glass wall which separates the living room from... the garage.
It might sound like some sort of complicated system, but actually it's not. In fact, the real reason the strange garages exist is rather an issue of engineering and architectural strategy the builders used to solve a problem, which was the lack of space to build a multi-level parking for the residents. So they came up with this idea, which could make for any petrol head’s dream, if you ask us.

It’s not just a car park. It is, indeed, an innovative way to use expensive cars as a part of home decor”, the CEO of real estate development firm KOP Properties explained. The unique design enables supercar owners to showcase their prized possessions, instead of hiding them away in basement garages. After all, isn’t this what all drivers want?

Imagine you just bought a brand new Ford Mustang and you can’t stay away from it longer than a half an hour, so you simply need to look through the window and see it’s safe and sound, while it nicely poses on the driveway. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply have it right there next to you, in the living room?

The Hamilton Scotts building numbers 30 floors and tens of thousands of square meters of living space, so there might be room for a new resident. Now, the only problem is you’d need between $9.4 million to $23.5 million to buy one single unit. Renting an apartment won’t come cheap either, with a payment of $11,000 per month. For that money, however, you do get high-end features such as a gym, conference rooms, jacuzzis and an outdoor pool.

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