Loud BMW E63 650i Sounds Like a Broken Chainsaw

BMW E63 650i with Hamann Exhaust 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The biggest problem with tuning cars and fitting them with various add-ons meant to make them better, shinier or feared on the street is that sometimes things don’t go as they should.
One intelligent, brilliant man I used to know, once said that the biggest problem with today’s society is that every idiot is entitled to its own opinion and he feels like you simply have to listen to it just because he has it, with no additional merit.

Everyone thinks their way of doing things is best and that’s how we end up with cars like the 650i in the video below that, instead of having a cool, deep, raspy sound in the higher end (thanks to that brilliant V8 under the bonnet) is more similar to a broken chainsaw.

Something went really bad with that exhaust, especially since the guy who shot the video claims it’s coming from Hamann. From what I know about Hamann, it’s impossible that the German tuner created an exhaust that sounds like this and then sold it to the wide audience. It might’ve been created for this one customer in particular, in which case it could be possible but the ‘standard’ exhaust definitely sounds better. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think went wrong.

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