Lolrider Crashes Snowmobile into a Tree, Face First

Lolrider Crashes Snowmobile into a Tree 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
You're going to see a rather hard crash in the video after the jump, but it looks like the snowmobile was the only one who came off bad from this affair.
Despite how bulky snowmobiles may seem to some, these machines can really fly, especially when throttling hard over the top of a hill or mountain.

They'll take flight even before the rider can roll the throttle off, and thus benefit from the hefty thrust all the way until mid-air. And then it's throw the dice time, and hum Tom Petty's Learning to Fly: "I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings, Coming down is the hardest thing! I'm learning to fly, around the clouds, But what goes up must come down!"

It's hard to say whether the tree this chap hit full-on broke his fall and prevented a much worse crash, or the fellow would have safely landed on the downhill slope and video a truly amazing jump.

It's even harder to tell whether his "Woohoo" translated to "yay, I'm still alive and in one piece" or "#^$%#@, there goes my new loan, I'm effin' broke!"

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