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Lime Green Ferrari 599 GTO Gets Crazy in Paris

Having a Ferrari 599 GTO is like a having a license to act like a 12-year old, hooning about with a bunch of people with camera filming your every move.
Lime green Ferrari 599 GTO 1 photo
The owner of this lime green GTO practiced his launch control procedure and made a couple of power slides in the strangest of all places - the middle of Paris, near the famous Plaza hotel.

The manuvers seem quite dangerous, considering how many people were around. These supercar spotters will do just about anything to get the best shots they can, and while we do appreciate their work, they should be a bit more careful.

Let’s not forget that the GTO is a rear-wheel drive supercar with 670 horsepower. And while it does have ceramic brakes, it’s still quite heavy.

And don’t worry, the GTO isn’t pained green, it’s a wrap done for the 2012 Challenge Rally.

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