Lewis Hamilton Lets Us in on the Relaxed Position of Formula One Drivers

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Formula One seems like this forbidden city where only a select few are allowed to enter, and everything is shrouded in mystery. Because of the exaggerated secrecy, we know so little about the sport that we only realize it when we see videos such as these.
MERCEDES-AMG PETRONAS is doing these videos where the two drivers of the team and, occasionally, some engineers talk about different aspects of their trade, from explaining the overly-complicated steering wheels (did you know those things cost as much as a more than decent car?) to talking about the super-light equipment they wear during the races.

It's a very nice insight into the otherwise secluded world of Formula One, and even though the sport has lost some of its appeal lately, what these guys do still deserves all the respect in the world. Above anything else, they're professional athletes who don't just turn up for a race, do their best and then head home or, even worse, stop in the nearest joint for a drink. Being part of the most expensive sport in the world doesn't only come with perks, but also responsibilities.

For one thing, there's the weight aspect. After the engineers lose countless hours cutting weight off absolutely everything (Lewis talks about gaining 100 grams with the new steering wheel as if that alone is going to get him another title), you can't just stuff your face with cake every night.

In this video, the current F1 champion talks about the driving position inside a Formula One single-seater. We can only see the helmet pop out on the TV, so what exactly happens inside the car's ultra-light body is a big unknown. Well, we have Lewis here explaining how things work and why they have to be like that. Watch the clip and... let's just say that if you thought your BMW had a sporty seating position, now you'll think twice before mentioning it.

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