Lewis Hamilton Gives Life Advice in Latest Clip and They’re Actually Useful

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It’s easy to dismiss Lewis Hamilton as a talented driver, but a pretty shallow person based only on his appearance and his lifestyle outside Formula One, but the guy actually has a great story to tell.
We’ve seen another clip where we were told in short about his motorsport career from the early stages and up until he made it to the big scene, but this time Lewis insists on where it all began.

As it so often happens, the beginnings are as low-key as they come. Lewis first caught the eyes of those around him with his driving skills when he was four. Yes, four. He did so with the RC car of a neighbor, playing with it around the driveway and doing it so well that he involuntarily convinced his father to buy him one.

Two years later, Lewis finished the British Radio Car Association Championship on second, even though he was the youngest competitor there by at least ten years. Lewis himself admits that he was so young, it’s hard even for him to remember all the facts.

RC racing must seem like a very far cry from Formula One, but you can bet that’s where Lewis’ competitive spirit developed. Being the youngest is always a good motivation, and it makes you want to prove yourself even harder than the rest.

And he had his fair share of obstacles, hurdles that may seem minor now but must have looked like mountains to climb to someone his age. A word of encouragement at the right time can make the difference between a successful career and a wasted one. The same goes for a harsh remark, people showing doubt or downright certainty in your failure. It takes a lot of conviction and a strong character, and sometimes that’s what separates champions from runners-up, not necessarily skill.

If there’s anything you really, really wanna do, don’t let anybody tel you you can’t do it.” That seems like a platitude, but coming from someone who can back it up with facts, it gains a lot more worth. Watch the new Formula One champion open up in this candid short clip below.

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