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Late 60’s Chevy Camaro Sins With a Toyota Supra Engine

The Toyota Supra 2JZ seems to be the universal swap engine, and soon there will be someone to even fit it to a blender or vacuum cleaner.
Supra Engine Powering a Chevrolet Camaro 2 photos
Supra-Powered Chevy Camaro
Or even an oldschool muscle car, as you can see here. This late 60’s Chevy Camaro owner decided that having his classy American muscle car powered by a gurgling V8 engine sucks, so he turned to a high-revving 2JZ.

Well, I respect the almighty 3-liter six-cylinder and its hidden capabilities, but this is insane. It’s wrong on so many levels to have one of the most beautiful muscle cars made in the US powered by something found on a Japanese sportscar.

It would have been much better if he used a 3UZ-FE V8 engine found on many Lexus models now.


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