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Lamborghini Huracan Meets 2017 Ford GT in Mind-Blowing Mashup

Certain supercar aficionados enjoy driving the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder topless through the Canadian winter (check out the images to your right). Can you hold something against them? Of course not and the same goes for those who find the rendering we have here appealing.
Lamborghini Huracan Meets 2017 Ford GT in a mashup 1 photo
The pixel play delivers a cocktail that sees the Lamborghini Huracan receiving plenty of 2017 Ford GT styling cues. Sure, the flying buttress effect isn't as visible as on the Blue Oval supercar, but the origin of the styling bits and pieces that make up this mashup is clear, at least to our eyes.

The rendering comes from Yasid Oozeear, with the artist relying on his social media interactions with fans to kickstart his creations.

"It is the same Lamborghini LP-Something I have done on the instagram stories earlier tonight. When I did a live, I got inspired and warmed up to do another one. After the stories, I decided to take this a bit further. Scanned it and did some fixes in Photoshop. Some basic tones added just to get a good feel of the design and surfaces. Should definitely develop that one a bit more," the artist explained on his Facebook page.

"But... but... wasn't the Ford GT labeled as a partial Lamborghini Aventador competitor?" we hear you asking. Such a question might sound logical in general, but, in the context of this pixel rearrangement, it doesn't make sense, since we're talking about deep oddity territory.

We're sure that plenty of you will feel anything but love for the render seen here. Come to think of it, the idea of mixing the Huracan and the GT is unnecessary. And that's because the two are so different that one's garage could easily accommodate both. If only the potential owner could convince Ford that he or she deserves a place on the list...


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