Lamborghini Gallardo with a Tesla-Style Display Isn’t Your Average Sportscar

Everybody loves the huge vertical display inside Tesla’s Model S, and this is the reason so many head unit manufacturers have tried to build aftermarket replacements for lots of popular car models out there.
Vertical display in Lamborghini Gallardo 5 photos
Lamborghini Gallardo with Tesla-style displayLamborghini Gallardo with Tesla-style displayLamborghini Gallardo with Tesla-style displayLamborghini Gallardo with Tesla-style display
So today, even if you don’t drive a Tesla, you can still get a vertical display a la Model S, all using a third-party upgrade that provides you with so much more.

Chinese companies, in particular, have built Android-powered head units with large displays that can be installed in various models, and as it turns out, the Lamborghini Gallardo makes no exception.

The aftermarket specialists over at DMP Car Design have recently performed such an upgrade, installing a vertical display in a Lamborghini Gallardo. According to their Instagram post, which is also embedded below, this unit works in all Gallardo models manufactured between 2004 and 2015.

And it goes without saying such an upgrade is worth every cent. Not only that you’re getting a gigantic screen behind the wheel, which obviously supports touch and runs a plethora of Android apps, but this head unit also replaces the physical buttons, making everything inside the car look and feel more modern.

It been a long day with the design and development!! Finally we made a product for SUPER CAR LAMBORGHINI! Throw away all physical button! Just with one tesla style screen to control everything!! Makes the interior looks simple and nice!! Product can fit for LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO 2004-2015,” DMP Car Design explained in their Instagram post.

As for the price of the whole upgrade, no specifics have been provided, but depending on the model you choose and the car you own, the head unit is available starting from approximately $500. Of course, the unit that fits the Gallardo can cost a lot more, but as said, the price can vary a lot depending on a long series of factors.


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