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Kia's Latest SUV Concept Is Called Telluride. Here's the First Picture of Its Interior

Kia has announced the name of its latest SUV concept, along with the first picture of the car’s interior.
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The NAIAS 2016 exhibit is called Telluride and is a large SUV with a futuristic interior. We notice an entirely digital gauge cluster, along with a generous display for the infotainment screen. The climate controls have also been digitalized, although some switches remain.

The steering wheel’s dedicated buttons have a touch interface in the form of pads that have buttons drawn on them and are touch operated. Such tactile operation isn’t new in the automotive world and the first-generation Opel/Vauxhall Ampera and its twin, the Chevrolet Volt, had a similar interface for most of the controls on the dash, not to mention Cadillac's embrace of the technology in recent years . Kia also mentions it is “pushing the boundaries of technology and luxury with in-cabin health and wellness technology.

The Korean carmaker also says that the vehicle it will exhibit at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show will feature 3D-printed components, the first made by this company. Thanks to these, Kia plans to add more modern design elements to some of its cars’ interior features, like the steering wheel, door panels and dash.

If Kia finds a way to mass produce 3D-printed interior ornaments, the company could unravel a massive customization program for its customers. Imagine buying a sedan, a hatchback or an SUV from a volume brand such as Kia and getting the chance to add bespoke 3D-printed ornaments inside. They could as well make a money press!

The Kia Telluride Concept will be fully unveiled on Monday, January 11, in Detroit. The exhibit is a large SUV with a rather boxy design and may preview a production version as a replacement for the long-gone Borrego/Mojave. The car seems to have rear doors that open backwards, if we are to judge by the look of the door handles, joined together in an oval shape below the B-pillar of the car.

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