Jeep Was the Fastest-Growing Automotive Brand in Europe in 2015

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The Jeep name doesn’t carry the same weight over in Europe as it does in the United States of America, and that’s perfectly explainable.
With models that were either outdated or irrelevant for the European market, the company was struggling to find customers on an ever increasingly crowded segment. While Jeep had tradition and history on its side, the European clients felt more attracted to the posher vehicles offered by the local brands. So what if they couldn’t cross the Rubicon Trail?

Recently, though, Jeep managed to find a way of mixing its rich history with what people wanted, and came up with new models such as the Renegade or the controversial but pretty well received Cherokee.

It would appear that was all the American (now also Italian) brand needed, as sales took off spectacularly. Of course, the European market still has to play catch up to what’s happening in the US, but Jeep will be really happy with how things have turned out for them recently.

In 2015, the Europeans registered no less than 88,200 Jeep vehicles, an increase of 113 percent compared to the previous year, translating into a 132,2 percent increase in terms of revenue. That was enough to confer Jeep the title of fastest-growing brand on the European market last year.

To get a very eloquent idea of the scale of this improvement, it’s enough to look at what happened in the UK, where last year alone Jeep sold more vehicles than the previous four years (2011 through 2014) combined. France too registered record sales, ending the year with a 208.5 percent increase over 2014. And the trend goes on in all the other main countries.

As expected, the main driving force behind this rejuvenation was the excellent Renegade. The compact SUV accounted for 49.8 percent of total Jeep sales in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), with 54,800 units finding new owners during 2015. The improved Grand Cherokee came in second with 28,159 units sold, which translates into almost 24 percent of total sales.
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