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Jay-Z’s Life+Times Takes a Look at BMW’s M6 Gran Coupe

Earlier this year, BMW launched the third M model in the 6 Series range, the M6 Gran Coupe, a car that represents the pinnacle of engineering over in Bavaria, at the moment.
BMW M6 Gran Coupe 1 photo
The car was, of course, thoroughly tested on the Nurburgring before its release, just like all the other BMWs are, not just the ones belonging to the Motorsport division.

A car with such class, luxury and power couldn’t be ignored by celebrities around the world and Jay-Z’s Life+Time people travelled to Germany to do a special on the car we described above.

Not only that but they were also curious to find out more about the Green Hell and its world-famous 24 Hour race and why it’s so important to the rest of the world and other manufacturers, that simply can’t seem to be able to launch a car without testing it on the famous track first.


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