Jaguar Readying Super Stretched XJ for the Chinese Market?

British automaker Jaguar is reportedly working on a stretched wheelbase and raised roof version of its XJ full-size luxury sedan for the Chinese market.
Jaguar XJ Stretched Wheelbase patent drawing 4 photos
Jaguar XJ Stretched Wheelbase patent drawingsJaguar XJ Stretched Wheelbase patent drawingsJaguar XJ Stretched Wheelbase patent drawings
According to Car News China, a batch of images leaked from China’s patent bureau have revealed drawings of a patent application for a stretched Jaguar XJ. Redesigned from the B-pillar towards the back and sporting a higher roof and a new D-pillar, the limo looks like a vehicle the Queen of England would ride in.

We’re not sure why would Jaguar release such a vehicle in China, but, as we’ve already learned, the world’s biggest market is always full of surprises. However, these patents are no confirmation that the vehicle will hit the production line and we’ll refrain from further comments until the first official photos show up. If they ever show up that is!

See the contraption for yourselves below and don't be shy about sharing your opinion.


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