In 2040 We’ll Be Swimming in 3D-Printed Bacteria Suits With AI Prediction

How will the year 2040 look swimwear-wise, you ask? We have no idea, but the Speedo swimsuit distributor has got its own mind-blowing vision and we’re still trying to wrap our brain around it ourselves. Turns out we’ll be swimming in suits that are 3D-scanned and bio-engineered out of modified bacteria. The suits will power themselves and will have AI capabilities. Say what?!
Fastskin 4.0 Swimsuit Concept from Speedo 6 photos
Fastskin 4.0 Swimsuit Concept by SpeedoFastskin 4.0 Swimsuit Concept by SpeedoFastskin 4.0 Swimsuit Concept by SpeedoFastskin 4.0 Swimsuit Exoskeleton by SpeedoFastskin 4.0 Swimsuit Concept by Speedo
This concept is the concoction of Aqualab, Speedo’s research and development team. They named the swimsuit Fastskin 4.0 and its goal is to focus on the three most important factors in swimming: sustainability, speed, and customization.

So, the Fastskin 4.0 will be 3D-printed and entirely tailored based on the body wearing it. It will be customized to every muscle and available in any color the athlete chooses. It will be made of bio-engineered fabrics, more precisely, genetically modified bacteria that will biodegrade 80 percent of the suit at the end of its life.

Tired and confused yet? But wait, there’s so much more. The Fastskin 4.0 will feature AI (artificial intelligence) sensors and live coaching, continuously monitoring the vital signs of the athlete wearing it. That means before, during, and after the race. It will also coach the swimmer regarding its position, pace, and swimming technique.

The swimsuit will also have the capability to power itself thanks to its energy harvesting fabric, which in turn will power the AI sensors. It will do so based on the differences in temperature between the swimmer’s body and the water.

The Fastskin 4.0 will come with an adaptive smart lock seal, which will make it a breeze to slip into and out of the suit. And, for optimum flow through water, the swimwear will have a built-in exoskeleton that flexes, offering explosive power and maximum amplitude.

Okay, we’ll stop the Sci-Fi rambling and get back to the year 2021 for now. You can watch the presentation of the Fastskin 4.0 and draw your own conclusions.


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