Improper Overtaking Causes High-Speed Crash on Russian Highway

As we have said countless times, driving your car on the highway requires a very different approach to any other sort of driving. You need to choose the most efficient speed (fuel efficiency-wise), look twice in your rear view mirror before overtaking (fast moving traffic appears out of nowhere, usually), maintain a constant and safe distance to the car in front, always indicate and never overtake on the wrong side (the right side, in left-hand drive countries).
This Russian driver clearly doesn’t understand any of those concepts, because he is driving the car in a very inefficient and unsafe manner. He overtakes one car on the right side, then attempts to overtake an 18-wheeler which was also overtaking, again, on the right side. However, due to a total lack of anticipation skills, the driver does not realize that the truck would not have changed lanes without an obstacle blocking its path - in this case, it was a motorbike which he almost hits.

The driver makes a save at the last moment, but ends up backing into the guardrail and then onto the grass. Watch this video, and when you are on the highway, do the exact opposite of what you see here, and you’ll be safe!
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