Improper Highway Maneuver Causes Truck Crash in Russia

Highway driving requires different skills to driving on any other type of road, as distances and speeds are much greater. Drivers need to look much further ahead, while driving, as well as much further back in their rear-view mirrors, as cars which are traveling much faster than you can pop up in seconds.
This Russian truck driver was just driving along normally, when the driver of a light canvas-covered truck cuts it off, on its way to the highway off-ramp. The truck brakes hard, and swerves to the left, hitting another car. This crash could have been much more sever if the truck driver didn`t have excellent reflexes, and brake sharply. It could have spelled disaster for more than just the one car he hit (and not violently so).

It just goes to show how quickly things go bad on the highway, and this video should remind us to always indicate when changing lanes and always check the mirrors thoroughly beforehand.
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