Hyundai Crashes in Pole for No Reason

There’s all sorts of thins wrong with the way traffic is going in this video, starting with the bumpy road, the dirt on the bumpy road, the fact that people aren’t giving the right of way and the street lap posts appear to have been in an accident. But none of these things explain what’s happening.
Hyundai Solaris 1 photo
Finding out what sort of car this was gave us a bit of trouble. It’s not the i20 facelift, the new i30 or any model we originally thought of. It’s the Russian-built Hyundai Solaris 5-door. It’s basically like the old Accent that has been in production there since 2010.

The car is fitted with airbags and electronic stability control, the passenger is all right. But let’s examine the crash and see what we can determine. The wheels on the Solaris are straight and there’s no sign of braking. Either the driver is panicking, has physical problems or actually confused the accelerator with the brake.

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