Hunting Pokemons in a Porsche 918 Spyder Means Dangerous Beverly Hills Driving

Remember the hypercar-infused version of Pokemon Go we imagined earlier today? Well, before coders out there come up with such a development, players of the "normal" game are already hunting Pokes in their go-fast machines.
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And when such an activity happens from inside a Porsche 918 Spyder, you know things are serious. As heavy Youtubers among you have probably figured out by now, we're dealing with Salomondrin and his camera buddy Pedro.

Now, before we move any further into this story, we have to mention those of you who haven't caught the Pokemon Go drift yet would better stay away - this augmented reality take on the Pokemon world is an app that will take over your life. If you decide to ignore this warning, though, at least try not to use the episode described below as a model for your quest.

Back to the Zuffenhausen halo car Pokemon hunt

The guys go for a 887 HP drive through Beverly Hills, which, apparently, is waiting for its inhabitants to take a break from the revenue-generating activities and put on their hunter hats.

While the competition from players who still use their own feet for the hunt is strong, but this only brings even stronger motivation for the boys. Sticking to the velocity theme, we'll throw another spoiler at you, mentioning that a parking valet delivers a tip that should seriously improve one's hunting abilities.

However, if you happen to be in a hurry (we know, Pokemon wait for nobody) and don't want to check out the entire video, you can skip to the 5:50 point for the intense part of the action.

P.S.: While watching this clip may make it seem like hunting Pokemon using your hypercar is worth it, we're reade to bet some freerunning specialist out there is ready to prove the oposite.

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