How to Protect Your BMW's Front and Back from Chips

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Photo: 3M
Being a BMW enthusiasts isn't easy, we all know that. When you really care about your car, even the slightest scratch can ruin your day. That's why front bumper chips and pesky bugs squashed against the bonnet will annoy you almost daily.
We've all been there: took a long trip and upon arrival we discover that our front bumper is full of small dents and the paint is off in various place because of small rocks from the road.

Whilst the majority of people concerned about this issued resorts to a thin layer of transparent vinyl to cover their cars with, that solution is tricky to apply yourself, especially around those pesky, uneven surfaces.

That's where we step in. 3M, mostly known for its quality vinyl wraps, created some new products that will protect your car for under $50. For complete protection you'll need the 3M Paint Defender System.

It is comprised of a Paint Defender Application kit (around $12), a can of Paint Defender Spray Film ($25) and a Paint Defender Spray Trigger ($8) that will help you apply the clear coating.

The spray contains enough material to cover the front bumper of your car or the rear bumper or two rocker panels. However, if you'd like to cover more than that, you should get more than one can.

Now, onto applying the stuff. The kit comes with a packet of easy on/easy off 3M synthetic wax that should be applied on the body parts you want to protect, prior to masking it. After that you use the Application Kit (that contains plenty of plastic sheeting and masking tape) to protect the adjacent areas, just as in a paint job.

After that all you have to do is apply the clear coating. It's a process similar to painting. Applying the product should be done from 6-8 inches away (15-20 cm) and in a zig-zag pattern.

First apply the spray in a left to right movement, then up and down and left to right again for the third time. Immediately after you're done spraying, remove the masking tape and let it dry for 2 to 4 hours.

That's it! This treatment should protect your car for about a year, according to 3M bt of course that depends on the way the car is being exploited. After that, the coating will turn yellow.

Don't worry though, you can easily peel it off once that happens, leaving your car chip-free and allowing you to apply a new layer. You can find the product on Amazon or Autozone. Enjoy!

For an illustrated example of how this works, check out MotorTrend's Blog.
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