How to Disable BMW’s Active Sound Design Without Altering Sound System Functionality

BMW Active Sound Design 4 photos
Photo: BMW
BMW F10 M5 LCI Trunk lid without coversBMW F10 M5 LCI Trunk Active Sound Design moduleBMW F10 M5 LCI Trunk Active Sound Design module connector
Few BMW features stirred up such a strong, near-violent reaction from the enthusiast community as the Active Sound Design. In case you didn’t know, the latest M models have artificial engine noise played inside the car, to ‘enhance’ the sensations you get.
In other words: BMW is playing fake sound inside the car to make you feel better about your car. It’s not as bad as it sounds but it still feels like cheating. We showed you a while back exactly how to disable it and how much of a difference it makes.

However, the previous method (and the only one known so far) forced you to either live with ASD and your sound system still working or disable it and, with it, also drop any other sound inside the vehicle.

That was because you simply had to pull the fuse that powered the entire sound system and some other auxiliary stuff inside the car. Not that cool, actually. Seeing as this is not an option for him, one M5Post member decided to do a little ‘digging’.

He came up with another tutorial that would help you disable ASD without having to give up on the sound system completely. Here’s what you need to do:
  • - Fold the rear seats
  • - Remove the floor covers
  • - Remove the left floor cover
  • - Remove backplate

By now, your car’s boot should look something like the photo above. Just above the left wheel arch you’ll find a big aluminum radiator that is actually cooling the ASD module. On its bottom you’ll find a grey connect. Pull it and tie it around another fixed item nearby so that it doesn’t make any noise afterwards. That’s it.

Put everything back together and you’re all set. No errors or nothing and the audio system should also work. There’s another option too go about it: coding.

However, you’ll need the proper tools and practice to do it this way and not everyone is good enough at coding his BMW. If you are, all you need to do is code 3000 ASD-Configuration - Funktionen - Baureihe to F021.

This guide works for the F10 LCI M5 and it has been tested on that car. However, we don't know, at the moment, if it works the exact same way on other M cars. Hopefully, it does!
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