How Singer Restomods Old Porsche 911s, a Beautiful Documentary

Imagine you have the chance to take your high school crush out to dinner after many years, during which you’ve only thought about her. Once you two settle at the table, you realize she’s grown into a superb woman. You do what you have to do, marry her and enjoy every day together. Then you two become famous, role models for others.
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We know, the story seems a little too much, but this is exactly Rob Dickinson, the mastermind behind Singer Vehicle Design, is living. Except his story involves a Porsche 911 instead of a woman.

This is a tale about a man that has turned his young age passion for the Neunelfer into a splendid business. Perhaps you’ve heard about the Singer 911 or perhaps not. Either way, you’ll enjoy the splendid 23-minute documentary the crew over at XCar has recently put together for you.

When a recently-born company comes and asks between $350,000 and $500,000 for a restomodded Porsche 911, you can’t help but wonder what exactly they do to justify that kind of money.

We’ll let the clip tell that story, but what we want to mention is that Singer’s background goes way beyond the founding of the company. That’s because Rob fell in love with the rear-engine coupe back in 1970. He was only five at the time and traveling in the back of his father’s... VW Beetle.

Later on, he went to art college in some sort of an attempt to become a car designer, but decided to become a rock star instead. His band made it big in the 1990s, with concerts all over the world.

He managed to save just enough money to buy a 1987 911 and painstakingly restored the Porsche. The work has been so carefull that he knew he couldn’t pursue his subsequent wish to inject some hotrod character into the thing.

This dream was pursued after the Brit moved to the US in 2003. One thing led to another and he eventually co-founded Singer. By the way, the company names is a nod to Robert Singer, a man responsible for decades of Porsche motorsport success.

How Singer goes about its retro-flavored game

Singer prefers to work with 964-type 911s built between 1990 and 1994, aiming to take the Porsche’s duality even further. They promise the kind of car which you can use as a daily driver and also track on the weekends.

What they basically do is start with 911s that have between 150,000 and 200,000 miles on their odometers and offer them a second life. With a carbon fiber body and a Cosworth tune that brings the air-cooled flat six about one hundred extra ponies, these guys aren’t kidding. Of course, the level of craftsmanship is bewildering, so the cabin is nothing short of a blast.

Singer says their profit margins are slim and that a $1M wouldn’t be too far from a fair price. In the same dreamy manner, they hope to become a synonym for Porsche one day. Are such ideas correct? We’ll let you be the judge of this one after viewing the documentary.

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