Holland Ponders Banning Gas-Burning Car Sales Starting 2025

We've all come to accept the fact that, sooner or later, all cars will be electric, but we do tend to hope it'll be a soft, long transition from internal combustion engines to brushless motors.
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Cars are an important part of our lives, and we don't take it lightly when somebody tells us what our daily driver should be like. But telling us is still better than removing all options and forcing us down a specific road, which is what might be happening in Holland in less than ten years’ time.

A few days ago we were reporting on an ambitious plan that could take shape in India. The government there is thinking about offering electric vehicles to the population without any sort of down payment. The new owners would then pay for their EVs in monthly installments, but their finances wouldn't be harmed because it would all come from the savings made by using an electric vehicle compared to a gas-powered one. It's a bold move, but it makes sense. The promoters of this idea think that India's vehicle park could become 100% electric by 2030.

Holland is basically aiming for the same goal, but it has a different approach. The lower house of the Dutch Parliament voted for a motion that would ban the sale of gasoline or diesel cars in the domestic market starting 2025, NLTimes reports. Let's take a pause here and think about what all this means.

The proposal will probably not pass, and there's a good reason for that: it's still too early. We will inevitably come to that at some point in the future, but nine years aren't enough for everything and everyone to get ready for such a drastic change. Holland may not be the greatest of the European markets, but these things still have to be coordinated with all the carmakers, or chaos will ensue. They know they need to accelerate their efforts towards building better electric cars, but putting unrealistic deadlines isn't going to help anybody.

This is just Holland's attempt at putting itself on the map as one of the countries open to emission-free motoring. With Norway leading the way in Europe regarding EV sales, Holland must be feeling like all these years pedaling on bikes are now going down the drain, and another country is becoming the eco-queen of Europe. Still, only allowing the sale of EVs in the market by 2025 is a bridge too far, and they should know a thing or two about that.
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