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High-Speed Silly Rear-End ATV Crash Could Have Ended Up Much Worse

I, just like most of the fellows to whom I’ve shown this video, first thought that a wide beach is indeed a safe place to ride an ATV fast. I mean, it’s like an airstrip you can use all by yourself, or with several friends, with plenty of room for everyone to ride as hard as they want while still being on the safe side.
Painful lolriding 1 photo
While such presumptions are plain common sense, it looks like the real life has different plans for people, at least when one of the riders having fun on the beach is reckless enough to ignore the dangers which lurk around. One of the key aspects of keeping the rubber side down and making back home in one piece at the end of the day is awareness, this goes without saying. However, awareness implies actually looking ahead to spot obstacles, the condition of the riding surface or even fallen fellow riders one might run over.

Still, some riders choose to ignore the basic safety measure of actually checking out their own riding, especially when they have a helmet cam and try to record their buddies’ stunts. While briefly taking eyes “off the road” is harmless, when one of the chaps ahead decides to slow down or stop, this might turn into a very nasty collision.

And basicly that’s why it’s much safer to have another friend with you on the quad: you take care of the driving, while he or she takes care of the filming, and everybody makes it home unhurt. It’s been more than once when we’ve seen broken legs after similar stupid mistakes.


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