High-Speed Chases: Twisted Metal, Wrecked Cars and Adrenaline

With so many high-performance vehicles around these days, almost every car enthusiast hopes to jump behind the wheel and push the pedal to the metal. But at the same time, Big Brother tends to become a global approach (and no, we’re not talking about the reality show, but about the speed cameras), probably copying UK’s example, so speeding tickets are something we’re all trying to get used to. Not that we’re bad drivers or anything, it’s just the passion that speaks.

Without a proper circuit to determine the full potential of a truly powerful car, most drivers forget about all the legal considerations and head to highways, not Autobahn or anything like that, just regular highways, most of them with an under-150 km/h (93 mph) speed limit.

Is that a good thing? Yes and no. Aside from the idea that speeding is wrong, dangerous and illegal, the only good thing in this entire scenario is the fact that drivers looking for adrenaline on the highway have much more space and time to react than on a city road for example.

But besides those looking to test their cars on the highway, there’s a different category of people who “like” to drive as fast as possible on the highway. And Americans are the ones that are pretty familiar with this matter.

High-speed police chases are something that Americans, Australians and Canadians watch on TV, if not weekly, at least monthly. Why exactly? Nobody knows for sure the reason for trying to escape from law enforcement on the highway, especially because in absolutely all cases, it’s the police that win the battle in the end.

So high-speed chases represent our today’s coverstory topic, but it’s probably worth mentioning that it’s the guy in the video below the one responsible for this article. He was driving on the highway at over 160 km/h (100 mph) for like an hour and, after getting caught by the police, he asks in the most confusing way: “what is drugs?”. Watch the video below and continue reading on the next page.

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About the author: Bogdan Popa
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