Hidden Graveyard Houses Over 45 Trolleys, Location Will Not be Disclosed

Hidden Graveyard Houses Over 45 Trolleys 1 photo
Photo: Abandoned Steve
Some people out there know about privacy and like to protect their discoveries, even when they document it. This is why the story you’re about to read is meant to exist as an infotainment and should not be replicated. It tells the secrets around a hidden auto graveyard that houses over 45 trolley and streetcars somewhere in the woods.
Urban explorer Abandoned Steve has recently posted a video that documents a place few ever go to as the location is still kept secret. It’s a unbelievable huge graveyard that hosts over 45 old transportation vehicles. According to him, the owner of this place purchased a lot of these streetcars starting in the 1980s when rail services were auctioning off their out of service PCC fleet.

Part of the items were also obtained from other private organizations that sold them to him. Even though the man has plans with the collectables, a good part of the vehicles are deteriorated. Vandalism has also increased and copper wires-thieves have been stealing parts of the trams. Nonetheless, the place could easily qualify for a museum.

A piece of history

The PCC streetcar design was first built in the United States in the 1930s and at the time stood out as a model in the industry, for its performance and looks. It has proved to be a long-lasting icon of streetcar design, as PCC cars are still in service in various places around the world.

A significant contribution to the PCC design was noise reduction with extensive use of rubber and other components to prevent rattle, vibration, and thus noise. It also provided a level of comfort not known before.

The trams in question were driven in Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincinnati and Boston. Even though the exact location is not clear, it seems the collection of old abandoned street cars lies in the woods along the Pennsylvania and Ohio border. Instead of trying to find it, you should better check the video story out, it’s worth seeing.

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