Here Is Shmee Revving a Cold A 45 AMG from Brabus

In the list of things you can do in order to severely decrease the life of an engine, revving it while cold is certainly one of the most easily done, and it doesn't get much easier than in the following video.
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Photo: Shmee150/YouTube
Until today, we would have guessed that somewhat famed car-spotter known online as Shmee150 would be well aware of the damage he can do to a car if he mashes the throttle pedal when the engine is not exactly at its optimum operating temperature. As it turns out, he either doesn't have a clue about this commonly-known piece of useful information or he simply doesn't care.

Despite being powered by a turbocharged four-pot engine that is currently known as the most powerful four-cylinder in production, Brabus didn't think that the 360 hp and 450 Nm (332 lb ft) of torque were enough for their customers.

Thanks to a Brabus PowerXtra B45 ECU, its M133 now delivers 400 hp and 500 Nm (369 lb ft) of torque, or more than enough to get the A 45 AMG from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.2 seconds in perfect conditions.

Among the details comprising those perfect conditions, a thoroughly-warmed up engine is among the pre-requisites, since the wear and tear encountered by the cylinder walls, piston rings and even the pistons themselves is drastically increased.

Not only that, but cold-revving may even cause unburned fuel to find itself in the exhaust system, where it may ignite inside the catalytic converter and therefore burning the emission filter.

In simpler words, bad things happen to your car, please don't do what you are about to see in the following video:

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