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Helicopter "Drifts" Following 1,000 HP Toyota GT86 Drift Car in Red Bull Stunt

Now that everybody finally agrees drifting is a sport, we're seeing more and more sideways battles and we have to admit the element of surprise has disappeared. Fret not, slip angle dogfight fans, a helicopter is here to save the day.
Helicopter "Drifts" Following 1,000 HP Toyota GT86 Drift Car 1 photo
Red Bull's latest stunt sees an aerobatic helicopter fighting a drift car and it's all just as extreme as it sounds. The energy drink people explain the aim here was to see "how closely the chopper could track the movements of the race car."The men and their machines
The aerial stunt machine was manhandled by Felix Baumgartner. If the name rings a bell, it might be thanks to the fact that this is the man who performed a free fall from the edge of space. 

Felix might have returned to Earth safely, but his heart remained suspended. Thus, after the feat mentioned above, he started flying helicopters and this was an excellent occasion for him to show the world what he's learned.

As for the car, forget the 200 HP of the Toyota GT86. We're talking about an all-out drift machine here, one that makes use of 1,000 HP to keep that rear end sideways.

The drift monster was driven by Polish racer Jakub PrzygoDski, who showed particular talent for turning rubber into smoke.

Each of the two followed his own plan closely, while paying attention to the other, with the result being one of the most spectacular stunts we've seen in quite a while.

Spoiler alert - yes, the video does feature RC hardware, both a car and a helicopter, but these are present simply for the fun of it.

PS: those thinking Felix is no longer enjoying car-related thrills after so much air time are wrong. The man knows his cars from his contraptions, as shown when driving a Ford GT.

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