Having This Sticker on Your Truck Means You Enjoy Getting Tickets for Free

We all like to express how we feel. Well, not all of us, since there are some introverts out there as well, but as a general rule of thumb, most of us feel an innate desire to share our opinions with others, even though most of the time nobody asked us anything.
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Hiding behind the "freedom of expression," we churn out everything that's on our minds just because we can, not really caring if anyone is listening. The Internet is a terrific tool for this, as you have surely figured out by now. Even this thing you're reading right now is a piece of personal thought that I could have kept to myself, but instead decided to post online.

All this spreading of beliefs doesn't have any rules, but it does come with one very important characteristic: the stronger you feel about something, the greater the chance your message is going to be more powerful. For instance, you're not going to be very vocal about the fact you believe muffins and cupcakes are basically the same thing, but you're going to find a very strong and personal message against polluters if you're a tree-hugging eco-warrior.

The world isn't lacking in things that can make people really passionate, and the police is one of them. The simple thought that a group of people has too much power on its hands with very limited outside control and responsibility (if they do something bad, it usually gets covered up and nobody pays for it) will make some of us angry. If you've been the victim of a case of police abuse, then you're going to have a problem with this otherwise very useful institution.

You may choose to swallow your anger and just get on with your life, or you could place a very "clever" sticker on your truck's rear window. I guess this clip should be R-rated (or whatever it's called), but this is the Internet. You're here at your own peril. Anyway, since there could be kids reading this, I'm going to reinterpret the message like this: "Cops suck that little thing you wee wee with."

Was that a good idea? Obviously not. Did it do any good to anybody? Nope. Is it informative? Only if you also believe the Earth is flat and you like to get your facts off the back of white pickups. Did it serve him in any way whatsoever? Well, it certainly helped him run into cops more often, which I'm willing to assume is not something he enjoys, so, no, the answer is "no."

There is absolutely no point in deliberately writing something you know is going to vex a certain group of people, unless you want to start a fight with them. Remember that Top Gear special in the U.S.A. (the southern part of it) when they wrote "Man Love Rules OK" on the side of (coincidence) a white pickup? That didn't go too well either. If only these people had watched quality TV, they would have known better.

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