Harleys Crash the Same as Other Bikes

Definitely not a good day for this Harley-Davidson rider, as he was lucky enough to meet a driver who seems to care not for entering a junction even without enough visibility.
The video doesn't provide enough information for us to tell who had to give way, but judging by the fact that we see no sign on the right side of the road, we might believe the rider had the right to pass.

Too bad that he entered the junction throttling on, instead of being a bit more paranoid and slower, if not even ready to brake. Though anticipating how silly some other road user can be at times is really tough, riding more slowly given that the truck obstructed his view would have been so much wiser for the Harley rider.

Anyway, we're glad to see him back on his feet, as we kind of feared a serious injury as the rider remained motionless for several seconds laying on the asphalt. Poof, there goes the driver's license...

As our reader Doctor J points that this might be a Honda VTX, we took turns in watching this again, but the dashcam video is indeed too blurry to be 100% accurate. There are H-Ds with tank-mounted instruments and there are VTXs with 3 headlights... If there´s any (bike) doctor in the house, do help us out.
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