Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide Gets SuperTrapp Exhaust

Kerker Series
When most aftermarket exhaust manufacturers are dedicated to the sportbike range, SuperTrapp Industries comes with not one, not two, but ten new slip-on options for the 20099 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide cruiser.

The company, however, covers the whole range of motorcycles, including V-Twin, Metric, Sport and Dirt.

The ten exhaust slip-on options launched by SuperTrapp are listed below:

  • SE Series - MSRP $399.00
  • Kerker Slip-Ons - MSRP $384.00
  • Kerker Slip-Ons Double Espresso - MSRP $488.00
  • Kerker Slip-Ons with Mikuni Core - MSRP $372.00
  • Internal Disc Series with Turndown End Cap - MSRP $663.00
  • Internal Disc Series with Fishtail End Cap - MSRP $663.00
  • Internal Disc Series with Tapered End Cap - MSRP $581.00
  • Megaphone Series Chrome Megaphone - MSRP $599.00
  • Megaphone Series with Chrome Slash Megaphone - MSRP $599.00
  • FatShots Slip-Ons - MSRP $499.00

The SE Series are 3dB louder than stock and bring a 10 - 12% horsepower gain, while the Kerker Slip-Ons are 8dB louder than stock, with a 12-13% horsepower gain. Both SE Series and Kerker Slip-Ons are compatible with 14 end caps.

The Internal Disc Series provide a 10-15% horsepower gain. The chrome muffler includes heatshields, chrome end caps and discs. To increase or decrease horsepower and tone, the rider only has to add or remove 3-inch discs to the exhaust.

Megaphone Series (the 4-inch diameter disc-based exhaust), claimed by SuperTrapp as their ‘signature’ muffler, provide an 8 - 10% horsepower gain and includes rebuildable core and discs.

Finally, quieter than stock, the fully chromed plated FatShots Slip-Ons have a 3.5-inch diameter, while providing a 15% horsepower gain and a 12% torque gain over stock. The rider can customize the power by adding or removing 4-inch discs. These Slip-Ons come complete with twenty-four 4-inch discs and all the necessary hardware and mounting instructions.


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