Hampton Travel Trailers Are Literal Mansions on Wheels: It's All About the "Destination"

Hampton Destination Trailer 15 photos
Photo: CrossRoads RV
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There are countless RV and camper manufacturers in the world that promise to be the source for your next mobile living habitat. One crew that needs some of our attention is CrossRoads RV, as they've started to unveil their 2024 machines.
Folks, CrossRoads RV has only been around since 1996, which isn't as much history as some of the older RV brands, the likes of Airstream, Winnebago, and a few others, but the fact that they've been able to stay alive in an industry dominated by the above-mentioned brands means something.

To help us understand a bit more about CrossRoads, let's take one of their freshest units as the perfect example. I'm talking about their Hampton lineup and the extras they have in store for the 2024 year. Before I go on, be sure to check out the image gallery to see what's in store.

Now, CrossRoads states that a Hampton is for those of us who want an "extended stay trailer but don't want to sacrifice your creature comforts." and so what they've done is fill these buggers to the brim with features designed to keep you on the road for as long as possible. Heck, on average, these babies carry along 66 gals (250 l) of freshwater and 60 lbs (27.2 kg) of LP gas. Furthermore, one unit can accommodate up to nine guests!

Overall, these babies are considered destination trailers, which means a unit that's not necessarily built for long drives but rather for long stays once you finally get to wherever you're going. Considering some of the Hamptons include a loft space and multiple slide-outs, it's best to get comfortable once you've set up camp. In all, five loft models are available, but no matter the layout, slide-outs are at your disposal.

Hampton HP390FVL
Photo: CrossRoads RV
In all, nine floorplans exist, so to try and run through all of the options these babies have in store would mean that we talk on for hours. To make things a bit easier to understand, let's pretend we've dropped at least $86K (€80K at current exchange rates) on one of these mobile "duplexes" and nestle ourselves and our family in one.

Overall, the Hamptons, like most other destination trailers, aren't the most aerodynamic, as we can see, so staying on the road for long periods of time is going to take its toll on your vehicle and its gas mileage. Also, by the looks of that suspension and dual-axle setup, this one isn't for off-roading either.

Sure, the road may end up being wild and full of possible dangers, but once you've made it to your "destination," you'll be able to unfurl and experience living the likes of that found in our landlocked homes, just with a much better and ever-changing view.

For instance, the HP390FVL, one of CrossRoads' newest floorplans, is depicted in the image gallery, and upon seeing the interior for the first time, I felt as though I was transported into some mansion. Guess where? In the Hamptons, of course.

Hampton HP390FVL
Photo: CrossRoads RV
Each unit displays a massive interior brought to life by an intelligent layout, unfurling not only a bedroom with a king bed, kitchen, living room, and residential bathroom but also two lofts, one on each side of the trailer.

Upon entering this particular floorplan, you'll find yourself in the middle of a residential-sized kitchen with an island sink and a long countertop that doubles as a dining table. To the left, a living room is created by the presence of a large corner couch sitting across from an entertainment center.

But, beyond that, we find a large bathroom with stand-alone features, including a stand-up shower with a sliding glass door and all. By the looks of it, the bathroom is large enough to accommodate more than one person at the same time. Above the bathroom and accessible by a set of stairs, the first loft of the HP390FVL lies in wait to rest tired bones.

From the ground floor entrance I mentioned, the HP390FVL sprawls out with a large bedroom equipped with a king bed, nearly "a ton" of cupboards and dressing room storage space, and if you want to, you can mount a TV to your wall. Above this room, the other loft is found, suitable for up to three children.

Hampton HP390FVL
Photo: CrossRoads RV
Beyond just the layout and sheer size of space, it's also filled with materials like brushed metals, woods, ultra leathers, solid surface countertops, and enough windows to let in as much natural light as you wish. And we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all the other knick-knacks the likes of the ducted furnace, enclosed underbelly, ensuring park living well into the colder months, and quite a few others.

Yet, it's not just interior living that CrossRoads is after, and this means that the exterior of these babies is equipped with an audio system and an awning, but this can be taken a step further by throwing some cash at your unit. But, some units do include an outdoor galley setup, just in case outdoor grilling is your thing, as it should be.

As for some of the upgrades this manufacturer has in store for this year, a panoramic front windshield and multi-purpose kitchen sink have been added due to customer demand, so this crew is listening to what folks like you and me need. The double loft plan is also one of the new features of the lineup.

For the next few minutes, take all we've talked about, drop yourself and your family in the center of it all, and go from there. Or, just give old CrossRoads a call and see just how far your dreams can go and how much they'll cost you to get there.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase several Hampton floorplans.

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