Hamilton Portrait Painted with Remote Cars

Remote cars have always been a fascination for people obsessed with cars because it was a cool way to spend the time before video games were invented. Today we race virtually, but that doesn't mean that a number of people don't play with remote control cars.

Take British artist Ian Cook for example. He's always liked two things in his life: art and cars. And when his girlfriend brought him, as a present, a remote control car and told him not to take it to his studio and get paint on it he got a brilliant idea. Using paint, canvas and remote control cars instead of brushes, he paints portraits in a very unique way.

Today, an unusual set of skills is very likely to earn you celebrity, and that's exactly what happened to Ian here, who was recently commissioned by Reebok to make a huge portrait of Lewis Hamilton using his unique method.

Probably sensing the fact that Lewis will take home the driver's F1 championship title, Reebok who acts as his main sponsor, decided to celebrate the event in honoring the driver with a big portrait. And when we say big, that's putting it lightly, because this thing is going to be friggin' huge, a 96 meter-square box that is going to hang in London, somewhere near the Tower of London all through the final round of the 2008 Formula One World Championship in Brazil.

Cook has previously done a portrait of Lewis Hamilton, but at a much smaller scale, about the size of a regular painting, which means he's got the whole thing down now. All he'll have to do is up the scale. Other works of his include a Camaro Concept and a portrait of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.

The artist confessed that the entire process will take him about a week, during which time he'll be working 14-16 hours a day to complete it. That's a lot of remote control batteries right there, hope he has a big stock, otherwise he'll be running to the store in the middle of the night. Leonardo never had this problem back in the day ...

All of this must be adding some pressure on Hamilton's shoulders who is set to win against Massa on Sunday.
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