GTA V Heists First Trailer Is Here, Comes Next Year

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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The much-awaited Heists DLC failed to get launched shortly after the remastered Grand Theft Auto V version for the PS4 and Xbox One, as Rockstar claimed a while ago. But the big update is on its way and the first trailer is here to give us a glimpse of what’s going to happen... next year.
Yeah, GTA V Online Heists is said to arrive in early 2015, which could mean even March, so buckle up for some more waiting and teasing. Will it be worthy? The trailer released recently shows it will, at least if you’re in for some more vehicles and more money making.

Money in the bag

As with the standard online mode, GTA V Heists will revolve around making more dough out of robbing banks this time. Just like in the single player mode, but with real people to help you out.

There will be 5 missions in total which can be “solved” in four different ways, summing up to somewhere around 20 hours of solid gameplay with your other three mates.

You, as the leader of the crew, need to have a proper mansion to act as a headquarters for the different jobs; a place to hang a cork board, reunite the team and plan how you’ll act.

And as in the story mode, each player will have his/her own task as the designated driver, pilot, gunner, distraction and everything in between. Oh, forgot to mention that the leader has to spend some cash to buy the equipment for the mission, like disguises, weapons and other stuff.

The right ride for the job

Since Heist is a rather big expansion, a range of new vehicles have been introduced. They won’t be sunday drives however, since the trailer reveals some new planes (including the VTOL jet fighter from San Andreas), armored cars, a new cargo helicopter, a Huey chopper with mounted machineguns and more.

No word about driving the trains though, which is sad, because it’s the only vehicle you can’t drive in the whole game. I really miss the train missions from SA when you had to nail it with the train brakes and stop at each station.

Holiday patch right around the corner

Well, there GTA V online mod is out for quite some time and players need to be entertained not to flee the franchise until Heists. Which means a Holiday DLC (downloadable content) is coming soon.

This will add snow, which will be thicker on Christmas morning and the end of Christmas day, 8 holiday-themed clothing items, 1 limited time Christmas apartment interior, 1 new Cops and Crooks mission and a red sky effect during snowfall only for the next-gen consoles.

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