Grandpa Charges Balancing Scooter He Bought for His Nephew, Barely Gets Away After It Explodes

The self-balancing scooter exploded causing a £25,000 ($38,576 at the current exchange rate) damage 1 photo
The last thing you expect from the perfect gizmo you think you bought for your grandchildren is for it to explode in your kitchen while charging, causing a £25,000 ($38,576 at the current exchange rate) damage. This shocked grandpa is now outraged about what could have happened if the explosion had occurred while his nephews played with it.
Celebrities buy them only if they are customized. Kids wish they could receive them from Santa this winter. And most of the electronics makers on the market can’t handle the demand. They’re called self-balancing scooters and look like a cheap Segway without the stick. The UK has already banned them on public roads, as they are considered dangerous. But has anybody thought about the safety feature while it's charging?

After all, just take a look at this fellow’s frightening story. Paul Hodkinson is one of the many caring grandpas who went online and bought Christmas gifts for their nephews a little earlier. He and his wife Elaine ordered three of these so-called hoverboards, and to make sure they worked properly, they plugged one in.

The evil thing started charging but at some point it burst into sparks that eventually turned into flames. The scary accident culminated in a loud boom as if a small bomb had been detonated. Luckily, the man was wise enough to get out of the kitchen before that happened and called first responders.

“Elaine and I are in shock,” he said, according to Daily Mail.You don’t expect a toy you buy for your grandchildren to explode like that. If one of the grandchildren had been anywhere near that scooter, they could have been killed. It’s lucky both of us got out of the house when we did. We dread to think what might have happened.”

Well, China may be fast at manufacturing cheaper gizmos than the West, but that’s not always an advantage. According to the source, most of these self-balancing scooters are made in China. As a matter of fact, it is believed that most of them are bought from the communist country and later rebranded and sold all over the word. To top it all, Segway is owned by a Chinese company nowadays as well.
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