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Globecruiser Behemoth Combines Power with Comfort

We know it isn't exactly a breaking news, but we feel that this impressive monster is worth bringing to your attention. At first glance, you'd be tempted to say that this “contraption” is a rugged truck aimed at the harshest environments and only that. It doesn't boast any of the US luxury sleepers' exterior design elements, yet the interior rivals that of a motorhome. This is probably why the Action Mobil Globecruiser is such a strange vehicle.

Based on a MAN TGA 6×6 platform powered by an impressive 783 cubic inches or, if you prefer, 12.8 liters, outputting a whopping 388 kW or, again if you prefer, 520.3 horsepower, this incredibly pollutant by today's standards truck (we actually don't know how to call it) will basically take you anywhere and will most likely defy at least a part of the laws of physics, as we know them.

Speaking of pollution, the Globecruiser boasts two fuel tanks with a jaw-dropping capacity of 219 US gallons or 860 liters. There is a drawback, though, because as Squob notes, “ a refill costs enough to put an Icelandic bank out of business”, namely around $800. As if diesel wasn't enough, the vehicle is also fitted with two 11-kilogram gas bottles and a solar system with a maximum power of 960 watts. All in all, the Globecruiser draws power from an impressive array of sources. In fact, we're pretty confident that no other vehicle uses so many types of fuel.

Although the exterior design lines are not something to brag about, there are some details worth mentioning, namely the burglarproof, scratchproof top hinged Action Mobil-windows, the double insulated thermal window glass, the shutters and the mosquito nets.

The interior, however, seems to offer a lot of comfort, at least that's what we gathered from their images. There is one detail found in the Action Mobil sketchy documentation worth mentioning, namely the porcelain toilet with water flushing. The water, by the way, comes from a 154 U.S. gallons (550 l), which should give you plenty of autonomy for your toilet time. Additionally, there's an 11 US gallon (40 liter) for hot water and a 69 US gallon (180 liter) waste water tank.

And now for something completely different and scary, the price. If Action Mobil's Globecruiser tickles your fancy, know that it can be purchased for around €490,000, or again if you prefer $670,000.

If you want to see more photos with the Globecruiser, check out the gallery published below the article.


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