Genesis G90 Rendering Shows What We Can Expect from Hyundai’s New Luxury Line

Genesis G90 rendering 3 photos
Photo: Hyundai
Genesis G90 renderingGenesis G90 rendering
It didn’t take long for the newly formed Genesis brand to come up with a teaser for its first model: a large sedan called G90 that’s meant to give everybody an idea about the design direction of Hyundai’s recently established luxury division.
When it comes to luxury sedans, there’s a relatively limited range of possibilities, and the G90 proves just that. If you look at the image from the side, there’s more than a little Audi in the front end, plenty of S-Class at the rear, and a bit of Bentley in the rear window line and the C-pillar.

The second angle shows a lot more of G90’s own personality, with the massive chromed radiator grille stealing the show. The highly detailed headlights also denote character, as does the Genesis logo clearly visible on top of the hood, just above the grille.

Hyundai has a name for G90’s styling, and it’s “Athletic Elegance.” These two words - and whatever the newly-formed Prestige Design Division thinks they represent in the real world - will be at the base of every future Genesis model. Speaking of which, no fewer than six new Genesis cars are expected to hit dealerships until 2020.

The G90 will be the range-topping version, so Genesis is apparently starting from the top down with the unveiling of its future range. The model will be called EQ900 in Korea and will come packed with technology, as you’d expect from a car that will go up against the best of what the German, American and Japanese automotive industries have to offer.

Hyundai didn’t provide any details on what exactly we should expect, but it did mention “human-centered” technology, so it’s most likely the usual array of active safety features, Internet connectivity and hybrid powertrains.

Whatever the answer, we won’t have much waiting to do, as the G90 is scheduled for a launch early next month in Korea. The Hyundai brand has had impressive results recently, but the Genesis project might prove a little more difficult, as tradition is a very important aspect in the premium segment. But tradition is also something that can be built over time, so if Hyundai is serious about this, there’s no reason it shouldn’t eventually succeed.
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