Funny YouTuber Shows How To Chop a Full-Face Helmet Into a Cool Open-Face

Got an old full-face helmet laying around with dust setting on it? Don’t throw it yet because this guy here will show you how to mod it and create a unique open-face one out of it to match with your cafe racer, cruiser or scrambler.
Custom open-face helmet 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Beware, though, turning the full-face helmet into a retro-style open-face requires you to actually cut down the front chin bar, which will make the helmet less protective. Not the smartest idea, but you can wear it on short city rides or at a bike meet in the area if you end up with a cool result.

Ichiban Moto’s video bellow will guide you through all the steps, and he has quite a funny way of making a tutorial. I mean, the guy’s montage include bits where he tries to cut the helmet open with nail scissors after which he rounds the sharp corners with simple sandpaper.

Although you’ll need a hacksaw to cut the front and some files or a belt sander to round off the remaining edges, you’ll still need a lot of sand paper to strip the old paint off and prepare the surface of the helmet for a new custom scheme.

This is where you can get really creative. You’ll need to spray a layer of primer first after which you can let your imagination free. Grab some sharpies and draw some stuff, sticker bomb it, cut pieces of newspaper and layer them on the smooth shell, throw some confetti in there or simply grab multiple spray cans and make a rainbow.

Just don’t forget to cover your art in one or more clear coats to preserve it. Or you can go full crazy and do what’s in the video - cover the helmet in tiny bits of aluminum foil.

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