Freestyle Slalom Skateboard Looks Tough to Ride – Video

Freestyle Slalom Skateboard 1 photo
Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer
If you were to check out any regular dictionary, a joyride is a trip you take for pleasure in a car, especially in a stolen car driven recklessly. With this two-wheel skateboard-inspired contraption, there’s nothing against the rules of traffic going on, but it sure seems audacious from our end.
As you can observe in the picture above, this odd toy has one big wheel you’d find on kid’s bicycles in the back, and a smaller, roller blade in the front. Meanwhile, you’re sitting on a two-side platform, as if it were a skateboard. A peculiar design, may we add.

This is the slalom skateboard propelled by side-to-side skiing-like movement that provides exhilarating rides – Hammacher Schlemmer tells us. If we were to take their word, it would seem riders simply push off the ground, place their feet on either side of the back wheel, and lean side-to-side to propel it forward. It sure sounds a lot simpler than it probably is.

To stop the thing, you need to grab that integrated handle and place a foot on the ground, similar to stopping a skateboard. The way you bring the scooter to a still point also sounds somewhat out of the ordinary, considering all the new electrical skateboards are regularly are filled with gizmos to do that for you.

However, it appears that it’s all about the unique design with this scooter. It comes with a lightweight ABS polymer frame aerodynamically shaped to reduce drag. The 20’’ diameter pneumatic back tire has steel spokes and high-grade bicycle tire treads, thus keeping things nice and firmly. Meanwhile the PU skateboard-style front wheel swivels for optimal control while turning or racing forward in a serpentine motion.

We’re not here to influence you in any way, but just to make sure we're straight, to us it rather looks like an accident-causing contraption you’d better keep you kid away from. If you do, however, plan to ride one yourself, you’d better watch the video below first.

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