FrameBlock, the Anti-Theft Device that Integrates with Your Bike's Frame

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Here's a new take on how to protect your bicycle against theft, but this time, we're talking about more than hardware. Welcome FrameBlock, a smart hardware solution created by Matteo Diego Caldiroli and implemented in the bicycles his company MilanoBike is producing.
Caldiroli understood that a bike could be protected without having to haul around a big, heavy chain or u-lock. Even more, he took things one step further and figured out that as the thief cuts a steel cable, he or she is left with an unscathed bike, ready for being sold on the black market.

Integrate the anti-theft in the frame, show the world the bike was stolen

The main idea was to create an anti-theft device that looks good and looks like a part of the bike. So Caldiroli modified two of the frame components in the rear section, inserting two strong steel cables in them and making removing them almost impossible.

That is, impossible to remove without structurally damaging the frame of the bike and showing that the bike was stolen. In certain cases, attempting to remove the cables can even lead to partially destroying the bike's frame, rendering it worthless on the black market, if not unusable.

FrameBlock's flexible cable is long enough to allow riders to secure the bike to a pole or special bike rack, another bike, fence, or pretty much any other fixed object one would use to tie a bike to.

However, the cables can be passed through the front (pedal) sprocket, the rear wheel, and even the saddle. And if you want, you can also remove the front wheel and have it secured, as well.

Scanning safety codes with a smartphone reveals the status of the bike

MilanoBike FrameBlock can be locked and unlocked with a special-design key which operates a burglar-proof lock. A special digital code is printed on each bike's frame, and anyone can scan it with a free smartphone app. Scanning this code will reveal various info on the bike, with the most important thing obviously being its status.

The system is so secure that some insurance providers agreed to ensure these bikes for as low as €25 ($27) per year. The whole thing can be yours for an early bird price of $457 (€425), with the final price being $500 (€465).

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