Four Capital Cities, Including Paris, Plan Diesel Ban for All Vehicles by 2025

This is not the best time to own a diesel-powered car. It's not because ecologists are running around with pitchforks and torches thirsty for blood, but for a much more serious reason.
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It looks like authorities worldwide are clamping down on the use of diesel cars, which kind of makes them look a little bipolar. No further than two years ago, European governments were encouraging people to buy these cars, and the carmakers to build them. And to do that, the manufacturers also had to invest colossal sums of money into researching new technology.

Now, the low carbon dioxide emission that made this engine type so popular in Europe is proving not to be enough as the quantities of nitrous oxides and particulate matter they churn out into the air are offsetting the benefits. And it looks like the authorities are only just waking up to this hard truth.

Some countries have always been a little sceptical when it came to the spread of diesel use, but others guided consumers toward this choice. One of the latter cases was France, and it now appears that the land of fromage and baguettes is starting to reap what it has sown.

Major cities in France, with its capital, Paris, in particular, have seen the level of air pollution rise to unprecedented levels. One of the key factors identified that led to this situation was the wider use of diesel cars, and with the grim examples of China and India, France is understandably trying to act before it gets out of hand.

Together with three other cities - Athens, Madrid and Mexico City -, Paris is on course to ban the access of all diesel vehicles - passenger cars and trucks - within its limits. The decision is set to become active by 2025, giving those who live in or commute to these cities to adjust their plans accordingly.

reports that London's mayor is under pressure to adhere to this drastic measure, but no official answer has yet been made. Regardless of what Mr. Sadiq Khan decides, we can expect similar decisions to be made all over the world where diesel cars represent a large part of the running vehicle park.

The same report says that four mayors, who got together at the C40 biennial meeting of city leaders in Mexico, have also pledged to double this resolution by committing to "do everything in their power to incentivize the use of electric, hydrogen, and hybrid vehicles." So it's not just a war against diesel, but rather a holistic approach to the problem.

Up to this point, Paris has attempted various measures, none of which appear to have worked particularly well. That's what led to the city hall taking such an apparently drastic decision, one that will surely make people think twice before purchasing a diesel car in the coming years.
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