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Former Top UK Politician Knows Why Fuel Prices Have Gone Insane, He Has a Solution

Are you ready to find out what can be done to go back to lower fuel prices? We can only hope so. This famous UK politician-turned-TV-presenter thinks he has the solution everybody has been waiting for. Here’s what’s being singled out as the sole issue and what Her Majesty’s Government can do to tackle the crisis.
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Fuel prices have skyrocketed in Europe and North America. Besides Tenerife, where gas is somehow still $1.51 (€1.44/£1.23) per liter and $5.7 (€5.42/£4.63) per gallon, everyone’s paying a lot more than a year ago. Statistics show prices have climbed more than 50% in some markets, and they’re not going to stop here. Demand is constantly increasing, while output barely moves in the right direction.

Nigel Farage, however, thinks he has the solution that’s going to help the entire United Kingdom. In his opinion, refining oil should be once again at the top of the Government’s agenda. The man that managed to make Brexit a real thing and heavily contributed to the UK leaving the European Union believes this is the right path to follow, even though the country is set to ban new sales of any internal combustion engine cars from 2030.

Still, Farage underlines that gas (or petrol if you’re reading from the UK) and diesel used to be refined in the country. This significantly reduced the final cost the consumer had to pay. Moreover, he argues electricity was intentionally made to be unexpectedly expensive thanks to “green obligations” the UK happily accepted. Refining oil and turning it into products we put into our cars and planes and use for different industrial activities takes a lot of electricity.

The United Kingdom still has refineries working full time, but Farage argues their activity and output have decreased since the British are forced to pay “the highest electricity bills.” Companies would rather look elsewhere for profit, even though gas and diesel alone are bringing record amounts of cash for these entities.

Furthermore, he says Russia shouldn’t be sanctioned further for its invasion of Ukraine because the UK imports a third of the refined oil products it needs from the Eastern European country.

In the end, Nigel Farage blames the policy of switching from fossil fuels to renewables. Currently working as a TV presenter, he tells the British people that not having a proper industry is another reason for all these energy problems, including the high fuel prices. “Go green. Go Poor,” says the Brexiteer as he continues his argument, which you can watch in its entirety down below.

British people are currently paying over £100 ($123/€117) to fill the tank of a small family car that runs on gas (petrol). Diesel is even more expensive.

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