For the Love of God, Please No: Apple Wants Apple Car "Drivers" to Wear the Vision Pro

Driving with the Vision Pro on 9 photos
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Wearing Apple Vision Pro While Driving a TeslaWearing Apple Vision Pro While Driving a TeslaWearing Apple Vision Pro While Driving a TeslaWearing Apple Vision Pro While Driving a TeslaWearing Apple Vision Pro While Driving a TeslaWearing Apple Vision Pro While Driving a TeslaWearing Apple Vision Pro While Driving a TeslaWearing Apple Vision Pro While Driving a Tesla
Apple has been working around the clock on the Vision Pro, but the device is slowly but surely becoming a flop. People return the device, not necessarily because they don't need it, but because it doesn't feel ready.
While I'm not here to discuss all these reasons, which typically include headaches and the headset feeling uncomfortable after only a few minutes of use, I can't help but remind you of the most ridiculous (and equally dangerous) way to use the Vision Pro.

Some believed it'd be smart to wear the headset while driving, relying on autonomous driving while becoming technically blind behind the wheel.

While the whole thing sounds stupid today, it might become a common sight when Apple launches the Apple Car in a few years.

If you're new to the Apple world, you must know that the iPhone maker has created an ecosystem where every device communicates with each other for features you didn't see coming a decade ago. For example, if you use an Apple Watch, your iPhone is automatically silenced so you can see all notifications on the wrist.

The smartwatch can also be used for unlocking a MacBook, as the Apple Watch plays the role of a 2FA device.

With the Apple Car on the horizon and the Vision Pro on the market, the next obvious step is to make these two products part of the ecosystem. And according to a recently discovered patent, that's precisely what Apple wants to do, turning the Vision Pro into a car computer system.

Apple envisions a future where Apple Car drivers will wear the Vision Pro while in the vehicle. However, it's important to note that Apple also wants to redefine the term driver, as the company wants the Apple Car to sport revolutionary self-driving features that would make its vehicle as safe as possible.

The Vision Pro will contribute to what Apple considers a living room on wheels – a car whose cabin is reinvented to serve as a place to work, play games, or watch a movie while the vehicle drives to the destination.

However, Apple also believes the Vision Pro could be used to control a car. The patent describes how the headset would support air gestures and other hand movements to control the vehicle. I can't see this happening, though, at least if the world still has a bit of common sense alive.

Otherwise, the Vision Pro will certainly be integrated into Apple's ecosystem once it gets the mandatory refinements. And once the Apple Car becomes a thing, the tech giant will want it to play nice with its other products, so this patent is just a short preview of what to expect in approximately a decade.
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